Many visitors to this page turn to me - as the author - with a request for information about the genealogy of one person or another. And, unfortunately, I am often not able to tell them anything essential, not only because they are still at the beginning stages of their research but also because LESHKEVICH ancestors number in the thousands...

Frequently these people remember their parents’ names, but only a few can name their grandmothers and grandfathers, or their dates of birth and death. But this so is important. In the quest for the identification of which branch of the family one belongs to, it is also important to know what nicknames our ancestors were known by in their village. In places where many LESHKEVICH families lived and multiplied, ancestry from a particular branch of the family could be lost over many generations, therefore, those who lived there began identifying themselves by a unique descriptive nickname. For example, several branches of the LESHKEVICH family live in the village of Mochul today, who are known by the nicknames Mikhayly, Eduardovy, Banesi, Symanovye, Stepanyuki, Berezhki, Babunichi, Kaytany. At the same time in Olpen there are also several branches of the LESHKEVICH family who are known as, for example, Razyuki, Strashuki, Khvelyusi, Tsariki, Tsypali, Yakovtsy, Grysyuki, Grytsuki, Gavary, Kumchagerovy, Zhogalevy, Lyakhny, Moseyki, Pavliki et al.

Friends! This page is intended as the fruit of our collective creation, in order that we may have a general understanding of our roots. Therefore I hope that it will be gradually supplemented by information, because of our general efforts. Several genealogical family trees, which were created over a period of many years, are included as examples. Certainly, they are far from complete; therefore corrections are welcomed. The largest of these family trees begins with Martin ZENOVICH-LESHKEVICH-OLPINSKY. This family tree lists predominantly those individuals who are descendants of the LESHKEVICH family from the village of Mochul, whose nicknames are "Mikhayly", "Banyesi", "Symany", "Stepanyuki", "Kaytany" and "Siemenki" from Olpen.

(accessible only in the Belorussian language)

Family tree of BERAZHKI from Mochul
Family tree of BABUNICZY from Mochul
Family tree of EDUARDOVY from Mochul
Family tree of YASI from Mochul and Lisovichy
Family tree of GRYSYUKI from Olpen
Family tree of GRYCUKI from Olpen
Family tree of LOSEWY from Olpen
Family tree of LYAKHNY from Olpen
Family tree of PAVLIKS from Olpen
Family tree of YAKOVTSY from Olpen
Family tree of ZACHAREWICZY from Starina
Family tree of YULIKOVY from Maly Vikorovichey

Possibly, you will find yourself or your relatives listed in one of these family trees. If not, document your genealogy!

By the way, it is possible to view several additional family trees, which concern my personal family, on the page of THE AUTHOR.


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